Safeguard Protection LLC. - Protecting Your Automotive Investment
Studies show that 7 of every 10 pre-owned vehicle buyers fail to budget for unexpected vehicle repairs. We simply don't think about it as we are caught up in the moment of the purchase. It becomes about price and term. No matter how great of a deal you've made, if a major mechanical problem arises you are out of pocket for the repair, and along with it goes that great deal you felt so good about. It's simply not worth taking the chance.
An engine or transmission repair or replacement alone can run into thousands of dollars. If your vehicle is financed it can be even worse. Making payments on a vehicle you can't drive or letting your payments become delinquent to pay for the repair can compromise and even ruin your credit score.
Safeguard's products are competitively priced and in the event that Mechanical Breakdown Coverage is needed you'll have the option of using the repair facility of your choice and can always speak with a representative live!
If your vehicle is financed and then deemed a total loss because of an accident; what happens if the insurance company doesn't cover the payoff balance? Answer: You have to pay for it!
Unless you have GAP protection the "gap" between what you owe on the vehicle and what the insurance company covering your vehicle actually pays is your responsibility.